Working Mum Guilt👩🏻‍💻🧒🏼

I started to work full time almost 12 months ago now and the working Mum guilt has hit me, like a ton of bloody breeze blocks to the face recently.

Trying to now split my time between, being at work full-time and being a Mum and trying to put your everything into both is hard enough, but then throw a dash of housework in there, a sprinkle of cooking, making time for friends and yourself, if you’re lucky, and it’s easy to find yourself in a loop, whereby you constantly feel stretched, tired, overwhelmed and sometimes really emotional (I tend to be quite an emotional person anyway… ) But most weeks I spend all week exhausted, then it comes to the weekend and I try to make time for family, the housework, washing, etc, etc..

But worst of all, you feel like you’re depriving your little one of time with you. It’s a Mum thing, you can’t help but feel crappy about leaving them at nursery or with family members whilst you go out to make money to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. I often question myself, am I a good Mum? Am I doing enough?

The guilt gets to me, really badly some days.

Working mums, why do we feel so guilty for trying to better ourselves, for contributing to the household income. Is it society that makes us believe that us Mum’s should be at home in an apron cooking and cleaning, are we still there? Someone actually told me, (this was not long ago that “women shouldn’t have children if they want to have a career”, that “in fact they’re selfish”. I was completely taken aback, I didn’t realise that in 2019, society still thought like that.

As a Mum, who now works full time I feel an overwhelming amount of guilt some days. I would love nothing more than to be at home with my little one, for every second of every single day, to absorb everything he does, every new face he pulls, every new word, every meal, every little success, every everything! Honestly, I dream of a life where that would be a possibility for me.

Some of us choose to work and some of us HAVE to work. Whichever it is, we shouldn’t feel guilty for it. In fact, we should be bloody proud of ourselves, let’s face it, in essence, we’re currently holding down not one but TWO full-time jobs and we may not kick ass at both of them every single day but we’re not completely indestructible, with every bad day we have numerous good ones. But still, we continue to hold this stigma, that working is selfish and we feel guilty for it.

I am starting to get to grips with everything, we’re a year in to the ‘full time’ work now, the guilt hasn’t lessened yet but my planning/organisation skills are practically on point, I still have my ‘scatty’ days where anything and everything goes wrong, but I’m getting there. I tend to just try and make every minute that I am with my little one count.

Do you have working Mum guilt? Share the load and we can help each other out when we’re having those ‘scatty, absolutely not smashing it days’

As always, do comment like or share, let us know what you do to make those moments count and how you overcome your guilt!?

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And here’s some cute photo’s of Noah, because, why the hell not.

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