Getting through an illness with your little ones🤧


After what has been the scariest most awful week since our little gem was born, I have been inspired to write this post, for any mums or dads out there with a less than well baby.

On Sunday 21st January our little bear was taken ill and was admitted in to hospital.

Before I go on, I must let you all know that thankfully Noah is now heaps better and almost completely back to his cheeky little self.

However during the whole process, I could have burst into tears every second. The moment they told us they were testing our little baby for meningitis and septicaemia my whole world came crashing down. I felt unbelievably devastated, worried and scared. How, how can this be happening I just kept thinking!

From around 2pm they poked and prodded my little boy over and over again, they put a cannula in his foot, which didn’t work, so then continued to put another into his hand, which later came out and they then put another cannula in his other hand. At the time, as much as I knew that this was the best thing for him, I hated the doctors and nurses for doing it, I knew that we’d never get any answers if they didn’t do it, but I could help but want to push them off my baby and take him home for cuddles in mommy’s bed.

At around 10pm we received Noah’s blood results to find, thankfully that they were clear. However, at this point Noah hadn’t taken a single ounce of fluid, nor a wet nappy, since the previous evening and therefore we had to stay overnight and my poor baby was put on an IV drip in order to try and rehydrate him.

The following afternoon, the doctors decided to take him off the drip and to try to encourage him to take fluids orally. To our amazement, he started to take little sips of juice and had a biscuit.

After a couple of hours the doctors discharged Noah and told us we could take him home.

Once home, a couple of days later, he contracted conjunctivitis as if it couldn’t have gotten any worse😩

However after a week, he is finally becoming more and more like the cheeky little boy he had been before he got ill.

The point is, this experience was extremely scary, at one point everything felt as though it was going in completely the wrong direction, at moments I felt like my entire world was breaking down in front of me and no matter how much everyone told me that it was going to be ok, at that time I just couldn’t believe them!

Trying to be strong for your baby is so hard in these times, you are, because you know you have to be. But it’s ok to be scared, to be worried, upset, anxious or angry. It’s ok not to be ok! It’s ok not to be the strong one! It’s ok to hate the doctors and nurses at the time, though you will love them for helping your little one, once it’s all over. It’s ok to think that it can’t get any worse and it’s ok to cry to your mum on the phone, which I did do. It’s definitely ok to have no idea what to say or do and it’s ok to just want to cuddle your little one until they’re better.

Don’t feel defeated because you weren’t completely on the ball at such a critical time. It’s hard when the one thing that you love and adore more than anything in the entire world becomes half the person you know because they aren’t well.

Just know, that it’s easier said than done to be “super mum” when times are tough.

Here’s to hoping you and your little ones don’t have to go through this♥️



2 thoughts on “Getting through an illness with your little ones🤧

  1. Awww I hope Noah is ok now! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is so much better!! Thank you ♥️


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