Organisation is the key to success🗝


Happy Sunday All!

Sunday is the perfect day to start on becoming more organised.

I loath being unorganised.

Organisation is key… I find that being so leads to an easier, smoother day.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been days when I’ve forgotten extremely important items… like my kids food and I’ve had to run to the nearest supermarket and buy more 😩 (this has actually happened on more than one occasion… and here I am preaching about being organised🙋🏻💁🏻)

Though generally, I am a pretty organised person in everyday life.

If I plan to pop out for the day with Noah or I know that there is a chance we will be going out I will pack his bag the night before with all the essentials. This gives us less to do in the morning, especially helpful if we’re going out early. Even if I’m just popping to the shop, I will pack everything we both need for the entire day, just in case.

I write a list of things I need to do on a particular day to ensure nothing is forgotten. I keep a diary and set reminders on my phone. My clothes in my wardrobe are organised by season and Noah’s wardrobe has age separators to keep all his stuff organised. All the food in my fridge/freezer is stored in ‘use by date’ order.

All sounds a bit much written down, but honestly I find it just makes everything so much easier.

Once you know everything is done it’s so much nicer to relax knowing there is nothing left to do.

Try to organise one thing at a time and notice how much easier finding things will become and how much more relaxed you’ll feel!

All though I really do salute those who just drift through life with not a single care in the world, and no bother about the things that need doing. You do you!

Enjoy your Sunday, eat loads and I hope that the working week isn’t too harsh on you♥️



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